Estranged Siblings

They say blood is thicker than water. Unfortunately, there are some times in your life when you have to cut ties with blood relations. You may love the person very much, but for the sake of your own sanity, sometimes you have to let go.

I am a mature, successful and rational human being. However, there is one person who I just can’t get on with, and that’s my sister. We grew up in an incredibly dysfunctional, toxic, violent environment. She is the eldest child and has suffered a great deal. Her issues remain unresolved, despite growing up and forging an incredibly successful life for herself. She has an amazing career, a thriving relationship, beautiful children and plenty of money in the bank. Yet she somehow hates me. I have done absolutely nothing to deserve this hate apart from being born second, not having to put up with the same level of abuse that she did from our father. However, I still suffered her hate. She would bully me, belittle me, and tried her best to steal the limelight, even on my wedding day.

For years I put up with it, feeling incredible guilty because she suffered so much. I tried to make amends on many occasions, turning a blind eye to her increasingly horrible behaviour and always apologising when she said I’d done something wrong. The final straw came when I overheard her saying nasty things about my children. I couldn’t believe it. Enough is enough, I thought. Now I no longer speak to her.

I love my sister very much. I always will. However, sometimes love is not enough. Sometimes you have to cut ties for the sake of your own mental health. She will always be in my heart, even though she is no longer in my life. I wish her nothing but happiness.

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