Measuring Success Using The Third Metric

Recently, I read Ariana Huffington’s book, ‘Thrive’. Huffington is most well-known for being the founder of ‘The Huffington Post’. She argues that the traditional way that we measure success, through money, power and status, is wrong. Instead, she argues that the best way to define a successful life is by embracing what she calls the ‘Third Metric’. To do this, we must consider:

Well-Being – Looking after ourselves, getting enough sleep, exercising, meditating and making ourselves a priority;

Wisdom – Practicing compassion and empathy and putting our own inner peace before chasing after promotion or profit;

Wonder – Digitally unplugging and embracing the awe that can be found around us;

Giving – Contribute to the well-being of others, not just financially but through mentoring and giving up our time.

There have been many articles about the book. One of my favorites is below:

If you wish to purchase the book here is the link:


And if you want some stationery so that you can practice what Huffington preaches, here are some treats at Kikki K:


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