Letting Go and Living Life with Gratitude

I love Christmas. As a child, I never had the opportunity to celebrate, so now I love everything about it, even though I’m not actually Christian. Nothing gives me more joy than giving out cards, gifts, singing Christmas songs, and spending time with people I love. As well as this, Christmas is a time to reconnect with people. In a previous blog post, I’ve written about what I would do if it was my last day on earth. One thing that I would definitely do is call up people I haven’t spoken to in a while who I care about. It makes me sad that in today’s busy world there are people who mean the world to us who we don’t get to speak to as much as we like to. I would call them up, or visit them and have a chat and a laugh, just like old times.

The sad thing is that today could be our last day on earth. So we need to reconnect with people now. We need to show people that we care about them. Because unfortunately they might not be here tomorrow. I have lost darling friends and family, young and old, all too suddenly, and this is the reason I always try to make the words I say to people words of kindness. Because you don’t know, you simply don’t know, if those are the last words you will ever say to that person. And this festive time is the perfect time to tell people that they mean something to you, that you have forgiven them for any past hurts, that you care about them, that you think about them, that you love them. It doesn’t matter if it has been a day, a week, a month, or a year since you last spoke. It doesn’t matter if the pain they caused you was unbearable. It doesn’t matter if they ripped your heart out of your chest with their actions. It doesn’t matter because you still care. It doesn’t matter because you are both only human, and sometimes humans make mistakes. It doesn’t matter because letting go of the past will lead you to have a brighter future.

So during this wonderful time of year, reconnect with people, but also consider participating in the gratitude challenge. I have outlined some ideas about what you can do below:

  1. Facilitate a Secret Santa amongst friends or colleagues
  2. Wrap a special gift for someone you love
  3. Make someone a DIY ornament
  4. Volunteer for a charity
  5. Send a card to a loved one
  6. Share a photo of someone you’re grateful for
  7. Create a photo album or memory book
  8. Reflect and list 10 moments or memories you’re grateful for
  9. Bake treats for friends or colleagues
  10. Make or give a little gift just because
  11. Write down five things you love about the holidays
  12. Invite someone to join a family tradition
  13. Teach someone something
  14. Pay it forward to a stranger
  15. Donate a gift to someone in need
  16. Leave an inspiring quote on a colleague’s desk
  17. Connect with someone you haven’t in a while
  18. Call someone to tell them you love them
  19. Reflect and list 10 people you’re grateful for
  20. Choose any way to express gratitude to your family
  21. Surprise someone with flowers
  22. Display your Christmas Cards and love seeing them every day
  23. Host an impromptu celebration for friends
  24. Write a thank you card or letter
  25. Cook a meal for someone
  26. Take someone on an adventure
  27. Start a Gratitude Journal
  28. Share a photo of something you’re grateful for
  29. Write a reverse bucket list
  30. Make someone a handmade gift


Have a wonderful, peaceful December, reconnecting with people whom you love.




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