Journals and Planners for 2017

Let’s be honest. 2016 has been a somewhat bizzare year that most of us will be glad to see the back of. What with Brexit, Trump, Honey G, and the deaths of some amazing people, we will be embracing 2017 with open arms. With this in mind I have found 3 journals that may be useful, especially if you have struggled mentally or physically with this somewhat demanding year, and want to have something to look forward to.

The first journal is the Kikki K Thrive Journal. At £21 it is the cheapest of the 3. It has sections for digital detoxing, practising gratitude, as well as sections for keeping an eye on sleep, diet and exercise. It is undated so you can begin it whenever you like.

The second journal is actually a planner and diary from a company called ‘Lovegiveink’. Priced at £28, the ‘Dream It’ diary and planner is a personalised hardcover planner that has space for notes and ‘to-do’ lists, and is available in a choice of 6 colours.

Finally, there is the Daily Greatness Wellness Journal. Priced at £39.95, this undated journal includes wellness worksheets, a daily food and exercise journal, meal and goal planners, training tips, weekly shopping lists, healthy habit reminders and mindset coaching.

Dailygreatness Wellness Journal: A Holistic Guide for Health, Wellness & Vitality

All 3 of these journals are a beautiful gift for a loved-one, or a wonderful gift to yourself for the holiday season.



2 thoughts on “Journals and Planners for 2017

  1. clare says:

    Alternatively, treat yourself to a gorgeous notebook, clip out quotes and goals that apply to you personally and save money in the process. As someone who’s earning very little money these planners are very expensive for what they are 😦


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