Al-Anon Family Groups

On Tuesday, I was invited to the House of Commons to attend the 65th Anniversary Presentation of Al-Anon Family Groups, hosted by the MP Liam Byrne. The organisation is a sister branch of Alcoholics Anonymous. There is also a group for teenagers who have been affected by a family member’s drinking, called Alateen.

We listened to talks by 4 speakers, including a brave 15 year old girl who spoke about how her father’s alcoholism had affected her life, as well as a police officer who discussed the cultural impact of drinking. The talks made you realise the massive negative impact that alcoholism has on society. It transcends class, race, culture and gender. People on the outside looking in have no idea about how it can ruin lives, not just for the alcoholic themselves, but also their families. The legacy of an alcoholic remains long after they have gone.

If you have been affected by someone’s drinking and you feel this organisation can help you, you may wish to attend one of their regular local meetings. Their website is here:




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