Learning to Let Go

Often we hold on to things in our past: beliefs, habits or people. These situations or people may have caused us pain or distress. They may have treated us with disrespect. They may have been hurtful or downright cruel.

You may feel an obligation to these people. Perhaps they are family or old friends. Maybe you love them. Maybe you’re scared of the future or afraid of what will happen if you leave this difficult person or situation. Maybe you think if you leave your job you’ll never find another one, or if you end a friendship or relationship the person you love will find someone else and you’ll be all alone.

Remember this though. If the situation or person has caused you pain and the person has shown no remorse they should not be in your life. End of. If the person had any regard for your feelings they would have thought twice before treating you in such an awful way.

You are a kind person and deserve to be treated with respect and love. You deserve to be happy. Let go of situations and people who have caused you grief. If they are meant to be in your life let them come to you and make amends. If they don’t, do not worry. One day, when you are living a happy life and smiling once again, they will look back and regret the day that they let you get away.



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