The Pursuit of Happiness

This summer, I didn’t go abroad on holiday to escape. Instead I stayed in this country and decided to embark on a happiness project so that I could learn how to appreciate everything I have a lot more. This, combined with my CBT sessions, meant that I finished the holidays with a huge smile on my face, and I feel like a whole and complete human being again for the first time in years. Here are some of the things that I did:

Went on a spa day and romantic meal with my husband which reaffirmed the fact that he is the most wonderful man that I know;

Went to three exhibitions in London, learning about history, fashion and art, whilst also reuniting with some dear and wonderful friends who I haven’t seen in years;

Visiting Bristol which is my favourite city outside of London;

Going to the theatre on family days out with my gorgeous children;

Going to a baking class with my beautiful little sister;

Going to the seaside with my mum, brother, children and husband.

I managed to shake myself out of the house and do things that I really enjoy and love. I also stopped looking at my phone, instead enjoying people and their company and living in the here and now. It is something that I recommend everyone does at least once a year. It’s wonderful to do something a little different whilst reconnecting with the people that you love.



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