The No-Lose Decision

My daughters are performing in a production of ‘The wizard of Oz’ today. There is a point in the story where Dorothy is skipping quite happily along the yellow brick road when she comes across a fork in her path and she doesn’t know which way to go. This reminded me about how hard it sometimes is to make a big decision in our lives. Often we ruminate, worry, cry, despair. In the midst of this turmoil some of us see if we can get spiritual guidance. However, some people aren’t religious, or this might not be suitable or practical. Susan Jeffers argues that we spend far too long worrying about making the right or wrong decisions. Instead, she argues that we ought to adopt a different approach.

Jeffers says that whatever you decide, you can’t lose. Every decision that you make is a learning opportunity, it helps you to grow and exposes you to new experiences in your life. She says that we need to see life as more of an education than about taking the right or wrong path. If you choose Path A you are studying one subject, if you choose Path B, you are studying a different subject. Both paths are learning opportunities. If somewhere along your path you realise that you have made a mistake, simply change direction. If we adopt this approach we save ourselves so much stress and anxiety. Instead of thinking of all the ‘what ifs’ we start thinking about all the great experiences that are going to come our way, regardless of what we decide. If we trust our impulses and learn to lighten up about our lives, we can be a whole lot happier.



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