Domestic Abuse

Usually I try to make my blog posts uplifting and positive but today I wanted to be more informative and talk to you about domestic abuse.

Most people think that domestic abuse is when a man hits a woman. Yes that is one form of domestic abuse, the one that most of us are aware of. However, it can also be:

When a woman hits a man;

When a partner emotionally abuses you, controlling you or cursing you;

When a partner is violent around you, perhaps throwing things at you or damaging furniture or property.

If you are scared of expressing an opinion in case your partner does one of the things above, then you are suffering from domestic abuse.

If you are suffering you need to take steps to leave the relationship. Try to get some independence, save some money, find a friend or family member you can go to in an emergency. Have numbers of women’s refuges handy if you need them. Protect your children. Form an exit strategy so you can get out. Your partner is a coward. You are brave. They need you far more than you need them.

Helpful link:



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