The Joy of Creating

In an effort to be more mindful, I have decided that every day I’m going to do something creative. Creativity can mean different things to different people. For some, it could be baking a cake or cooking a meal. For others, making a collage or colouring in. Some find gardening or decorating creative. For me writing is a creative pastime, although I’m trying to expand my creative repertoire and focus on other creative activities. My youngest daughter was very sweet and bought me a mindfulness colouring book for mother’s day. These books are all the rage at the moment but they are useful as they encourage you to live in the present and participate in a creative activity in the here and now. Another creative thing that I have done is made a ‘happiness vision board’ which details all of the things that make me happy. Every day I’m going to focus on these things, rather than all the things that might bring me down.



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