How My Weird Brain Works

Recently I have been finding out a lot about CBT and how it works. When you experience trauma, such as childhood trauma, the neurotransmitters in your brain do not develop properly. Your body has constantly been in fight or flight mode. Every situation in your childhood has been a potential dangerous threat. You have not developed rational, problem solving because your upbringing was about survival, everything was black and white and nothing was dealt with sensibly. As a result of this, when you grow up, it is more difficult for you to deal with some everyday life situations that others who have had a happier upbringing can deal with. Let me give you some examples:

My mother is sick = oh no she is going to die

My husband and I have had a row = let’s get divorced

That hot man is looking at me = let me marry him and have his babies

My boss has shouted at me = I am worthless and must resign

As you can see, these thought processes are completely ridiculous. What CBT does is help you realign your thought processes so that you develop problem solving skills and think in a far more rational way. The problem is that the NHS waiting list for CBT is very long. In the meantime, here is what you can do:

Make time for yourself;

Exercise regularly;

Go outside;

Develop mindfulness;

Practise yoga and meditation;

Do the things you love and spend time with people who make you happy.




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