What happens when you have depression?

People might think you’re soft, weak, lazy, scatty, over-sensitive, when actually you’re unwell. The symptoms below are by no means scientific and are just based on experience:

You are incredibly tired a lot of the time;

You drag your feet when you walk;

You might speak slower than usual;

You are tearful when you wake up, when you drive to work, at some points during the day, when you go home, when you go to sleep, in the middle of the night.

You wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes for hours at a time;

You find it hard to experience joy. Even happy moments in your life are tinged with sadness;

You get paranoid and think people are talking or laughing about you behind your back;

If somebody hurts or upsets you, you feel a great deal of pain, and this can take months and months to shift;

You experience brain fog. Your thoughts are not clear. You are very forgetful, especially with verbal information.

You may not see the point of your life;

You become withdrawn. People may think you’re aloof but this is a form of self-protection. You don’t want others to see how unwell you actually are.

You prefer laying in bed rather than doing anything;

You feel inadequate and useless a lot of the time;

You have no confidence, even if you’re very accomplished or attractive;

You constantly feel sick in your stomach;

When you experience a proper breakdown, you can physically see the lights going off in your brain, one by one. Then you may feel a sense of peace or numbness.

There are remedies. These include CBT, medication, exercise and sunshine. But the longer it takes to get help, the longer it may take to recover. The first step is recognising you have a problem.



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