The Whole Life Chart

If you are a person who gets stressed over different aspects of your life, for example you constantly worry about your career or the state of your relationship, you may wish to consider drawing a ‘Whole Life Chart’. I first found out about this when I read a book by Susan Jeffers called ‘Feel the Fear and do it Anyway’. This activity helps you to organise your life and put everything into perspective, and hopefully stop you worrying.

All you need is a plain sheet of paper. On the piece of paper you need to draw a grid that is 3 squares by 3 squares. You then fill the squares with different things that are important in your life. For example, I might fill it with: my children, my relationship, my family, friends, religion, charity work, writing, exercise/leisure time, my career.

Your aim is to place equal importance on all these different aspects of your life. I know you may think that your children are more important than your job. Of course they are. But what I mean is that if you are stressed with that aspect of your life, don’t get too bogged down with it. Instead, focus on one of the other eight areas of your life.

I remember introducing this concept to a friend of mine a few years ago. She looked at the chart and said ‘This won’t work for me. My boyfriend is my life’. Unfortunately for her, her boyfriend didn’t feel the same way and within six months had left her for another woman. My friend was devastated and because she hadn’t organised her life in such a way that she had other things to occupy her time, she was left with a huge void.

The Whole Life Chart is a wonderful way to stop you stressing about little things. It makes you realise that there are lots of things that make your life complete and whole, and you are defined not just by your children, or your career, or your relationship, but are in fact a well-rounded and interesting human being.



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